Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stop Energy

Some people know the term Stop Energy, others don't. If you don't you should. Its rampant and education is the key to stopping it. Stop Energy is any non-constructive, unreasoned response to an attempt to accomplish something.

There is a common belief that when presented with a new idea, or even an old one, that a request for comments means criticism. Stop Energy is applied without thought of the bigger picture, its an effort to prevent the realization of an idea.

Rather than recast the entire content of the link above I'd add the following:

Stop Energy is bad behavior. When confronted with a new idea try to think about how it can be made to work, try to think about how you can help. If there is constructive criticism to be realized about an idea it will fall naturally out of such an approach.


Anonymous said...

Geir suggests that this is in reponse to Sidnei's comment at:

If that is indeed the case, I must say we need all the Stop Energy we can muster to stop stupid behavior - like bringing democaracy to the middle east.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the only comment here is from someone that obviously didnt understand the meaning of the original post.
Thanks, Ben.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, this post shows up again on Planet Plone!

Anyway seems that the link in my original comment has changed. The correct location is:

Geir has the 2nd comment to this post.

What I was trying to say was some times Stop Energy is good - if the change is in the wrong direction.