Monday, November 14, 2005


Geoff Davis and myself recently participated in a sprint devoted to packaging Plone products and best practices around product development. There have been a number of good tutorials including the Bricolite one that I gave a while back in Vienna. We decided that a tool that could spit out project skeletons for Plone would help people take advantage of some of the better practices collected in the community.

Our tool generates a "Batteries Included" project skeleton. Its our hope that in the short term this will include:

- automatically generating EGGs

- automatic generation of HTML/PDF documentation

- build in testing support with common interfaces tests out of the box

- built in support for pyflake and some other Python testing/analysis tools.

The name of this mighty productivity aid? Skeletor.

Skeletor will be available from my darcs repo in the near term. For now its still in development but if you have ideas its darcs, Check it out and send me a patch.

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