Monday, November 14, 2005

Process Foundations

The Plone Foundation board is recommending that Plone developers start blogging about the good works that the community and Foundation Membership are up to. This is important. Plone is a powerful, flexible product but isn't getting the same product love as some of the other web development frameworks on the market today.

I find that many in the community compare us to them where them is a collection of frameworks for doing web presentation on top of simple relational databases. Many of these frameworks are cool in their own right and in their own product spaces but Plone is much more than any of them. Plone is a full fledged Content Management System that has competed with some of the very best commercial systems and won. It offers advanced features for workflow management of content, collaborative content development and a suite of other features that set it apart.

Frameworks that pride themselves on leanness and rapid application development offer those things because they give you the ability to manage so much less complexity. The world is complex and the problems people attempt to solve in it doubly so.

I think proper positioning in the technology market will help developers hunting for frameworks and help to bring additional talent into our playground.

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