Friday, March 03, 2006


Jonah recently blogged about a video review and screen cast Plone and a number of other frameworks. I was happy to see how well Plone compared some of the other frameworks in question. The ArchGenXML folks really deserve a big hand for this one. I am hoping that in conjunction with tools like Skeletor will put filesystem development at or beyond what we see with other frameworks. Our runtime is already far more powerful, its time the Rapid Application Development and Deployment became simpler to those not already in the know.

On a related note Whit and I have put a little more time into Skeletor and hope to make an official release soon. Whit has updated a branch using setuputils and its quite nice. I wrote a tiny lxml driven registry that allows simple merging of XML trees and fragment and scoped name look ups throughout the project hierarchy.

This means two things, one projects will be able to include their own Skeletor plugins if they wish to allow more/different things to be generated for projects. The act of creating a Skeletor plugin is pretty simple, the act of registering it and having it merge questions into the generation process should be as well. This means that if your fancy project includes a set of Five adapters and some standard configuration that would bind those adapters to the projects
new types you should be able to include a plugin that will generate this for users of your project.

The namespaced name lookups have been there since the beginning but have been cleaned up thanks to the recent work. This will let projects, plugins and authors persist variables from run to run of Skeletor at the correct scope. For example, you might generate projects with a fixed default license, email contact information, etc. You won't be asked for this information each time you run it, Skeletor can retain this information for you. The goal is to make this tool as powerful and painless as possible.

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Calvin said...

Now what is needed is the simple howto for creating and registering an external skeletor plugin ;-)