Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bonjour Zope

So I thought how nice would it be for Zope to announce itself using Zero Configuration technology on the network. On Linux we have Avahi and DBUS which make it easy to do such publications. Happily they both have simple Python bindings as well. With a small patch I was able to get my Zope servers to announce themselves on startup for HTTP, FTP and WebDav. They will automatically show up in tools like Nautilus (on GNOME) or Finder (on Mac OS X).

This has got to be nice in situations like Sprints where bunches of developers are passing links to DHCP generated address around adhoc networks. Heck, its nice just when I can't remember which port I left something on.


Anonymous said...

Very spiffy, I've thought about this before but never got so far as to actually open an editor.

What's the patch look like?

Anonymous said...

I have wanted this functionality for sometime. It was very nice when I was playing with TurboGears to see that they have the default developer mode setup advertise the TurboGears webserver via Bounjour which the Safari web browser automatically detects in its bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

very cool - share the wealth?

Calvin said...

Very nice work there! I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.